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Nathalie Nahai

Web psychologist and best-selling author

Keynote | #gde17

Reinhard Einwagner

Head of Innovation @ smec

Talk | #gde17

Cathrin Wagner

Agency Development @ Google

Breakout Session | #gde17

Evan Waters

Director of Growth and Performance @ Naspers

Talk | #gde17

Alessander Argenti

Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager @ TOMS

Breakout Session | #gde17

Martin Röttgerding

Head of SEA @ Bloofusion Germany

Talk | #gde17

Stefan Pravits

Account Executive SMB Austria @ Salesforce

Breakout Session | #gde17

Frederick Vallaeys

CEO @ Optmyzr

Talk | #gde17

Daniel Schellmann

Account Executive
@ Bing

Verena Zuschnig

Search Account Manager
@ Bing

Breakout Session | #gde17

Martin Röttgerding, Bloofusion
Customized Ads – Automating Ad Copy @ Scale

Martin Röttgerding, Head of SEA at Bloofusion, author at Internetkapitäne and PPC pioneer delivered an insightful talk on the possibilities and limitations of ad customizers. His hands-on tips & tricks were a nice addition to the talk and showed his years of experience working with Google AdWords.

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Nathalie Nahai — Psychological Principles of Successful Ecommerce

Wondering what the 7 psychological principles of successful ecommerce are? In her keynote at the Great Day for PPC Automation, bestselling author Nathalie Nahai offers expertise from her unique perspective as a web psychologist. Nathalie applies behavioral and cognitive insights relevant to marketers, demonstrating how humans can be both irrational and predictable creatures.

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Frederick Vallaeys, Optymzr
Will the Robots take my PPC Job?

One of Google’s first 100 employees, Frederick Vallaeys helped build the AdWords Editor and is now CEO of Optymzr, a PPC scripts and automation provider. At the Great Day for PPC Automation on October 18th, he offered a well-reasoned, well-researched, and genuinely compelling view into how and why to automate your PPC efforts, and what it means for the future of the business.

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Evan Waters, Naspers
Laying the Foundation for PPC Automation

Evan Waters, Director of Growth & Marketing at Naspers, one of the world’s largest global internet and entertainment group technology investors, delivered an equally enlightening and interesting talk at the Great Day for PPC Automation on October 18th: presenting us with his framework for automation that lists three stages: Reporting, Ad Serving and Bidding.

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