Christopher Rogl

Whoop! Product Owner, Smarter Ecommerce (smec)

Great Day 2019 Talk

The True Value of Search Queries in Your Google Shopping Campaign

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As product owner, Christopher is responsible for the strategic development of Whoop! features and functions. With years of experience as Account Strategist and Customer Success Manager, he knows what matters when it comes to managing complex shopping campaigns and regularly shares that knowledge as speaker at international PPC conferences.

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The True Value of Search Queries in Your Google Shopping Campaign

2:40 p.m. - 3:10 p.m. | English | Main stage talk

Advertisers today are torn between two needs: On the one side they want automated, machine learning approaches to reduce workload and increase performance, while on the other side they want control, transparency and flexibility to modify tools according to their needs.

But how to manage this nowadays when everything goes more into the direction of blackboxing? One way is a so called query split or query sculpting approach for Google Shopping. Query Sculpting has been a Google Shopping wishlist item for years – almost since the launch of Google Shopping – but has remained elusive for most PPC managers. Christopher’s talk explains why this has been the case, while reaffirming the strategic and bottom-line value of a query split approach. He demonstrates why targeted query treatment is more relevant than ever before: it enables advertisers to differentiate their bids in an increasingly saturated market, helps ensure a robust and aligned paid search strategy with strong campaign type coverage, and can unlock accounts that seem to be running with maxed out performance. He further explains why automation is the only viable method of scaling query campaigns, and why not all automation is created equal. As well as why this setup delivers exactly what advertisers ask for control, transparency, automation and performance.

Join Christopher’s talk to learn how query sculpting could become even more effective as some Shopping segments move increasingly toward blackbox solutions.

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Learn how query sculpting can become even more effective as Google Shopping moves increasingly towards blackbox solutions.
Christopher Rogl, Whoop! Product Owner, Smarter Ecommerce (smec)
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