Speakers at the Great Day 2017

PPC Experts, Digital Marketers & Automation Specialists

Markus Parzer

Industry Manager Retail


As Industry Manager at Google Austria Markus is working with the country's biggest performance retailers. Omnichannel integration and Google Shopping excellence belong to his specialty areas of competence whereby he strongly believes in strategic partnerships for sustainable long-term growth.

Reinhard Einwagner

Head of Innovation


Reinhard is the product lead of Whoop!, Head of Innovation at smec and an expert in the field of search engine marketing solutions for retailers.

Alessander Argenti

Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager


Alessander has built up 8+ years of Digital and Social Marketing experience with a demonstrated history of working in the footwear, apparel and fashion industry. Having navigated this world on both agency- and client-side his knowledge in community-building, customer experience and online demand generation has most recently taken him to TOMS, where he has headed up the digital marketing team for EMEA. Joining the TOMS team after it had established itself in the region, he has been instrumental in connecting and cultivating the TOMS consumer-facing channels to fast-track brand equity and ecommerce growth for the One for One® company.

Nathalie Nahai

Web Psychologist

International speaker and author

Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist, international speaker and author of the best-selling book, Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion (Pearson). The foremost expert in web psychology, Nathalie helps businesses apply scientific rigour to their website design, content marketing and products. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and SMEs, including Google, eBay, Unilever and Harvard Business Review, to name a few. Nathalie lectures internationally on the digital application of behavioural sciences, has hosted Guardian podcasts, and contributes to national publications, TV and radio on the subject of online behaviour. She also ran Humanise The Web (a conference that explores both how the internet influences our behaviours, and how businesses can harness persuasive technologies for good), and sits on the Social Media Week advisory board and Ogilvy Change experts’ panel.

Stefan Pravits

Account Executive SMB Austria


IT-Sales Professional with 5 years international experience - passionate about making things happen! Working together with Austrian SMB companies across industries, I am burning to enable global business growth through digitization, AI leverage, connecting successful people and by enabling the switch from a product and process driven company to a customer centric company.

Jan Radanitsch



Active in the ecommerce business since the early days, his groundbreaking ideas for PPC automation led to what is today known as the smec AdEngine and Whoop!. Always eager to push the industry’s limits and willing to share his personal insights with students and industry colleagues alike, we are excited to have him as a speaker at Great Day.

Martin Röttgerding

Head of SEA

Bloofusion Germany

Martin is Head of SEM at online marketing agency Bloofusion Germany. He blogs about Google AdWords on the German internetkapitaene.de and also runs the advanced AdWords blog PPC-Epiphany.com. Internationally, Martin is best known for his Google Shopping segmentation strategy and the Quality Score Tracker AdWords script.

Daniel Schellmann

Account Executive


Daniel has spent the last two years of his career supporting agencies and advertisers in the German speaking region to becoming successful with Bing Ads, with a strong focus on developing strong and long-term relationships. Before joining Microsoft, Daniel held sales positions in the online industry for +7 years, adding video, display, social in his experience.
As the Bing Network grows, Microsoft’s products and services are powered by the intelligent technology that Bing provides and this is what Daniel is passionate about: enabling customers and agencies making Bing Ads a successful part of their digital marketing strategy and helping them increasing their ROI.

Frederick Vallaeys



Frederick ("Fred") Vallaeys was one of the first 500 employees at Google where he spent 10 years building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it as the Google AdWords Evangelist.
Today he is the Cofounder of Optmyzr which provides advertisers and agencies a suite of PPC management tools that streamline reporting and optimization.
He is a frequent guest speaker at events where he inspires organizations to be more innovative and become better online marketers. He blogs monthly for Search Engine Land.

Cathrin Wagner

Agency Development Manager


With 8+ years experience in brand communication, digital marketing, social media, integrated marketing communication, online, traditional PR and global brand management I consider myself an expert in marketing and communication. Coming from a strong design background and having worked on client as well as on agency side, I'm able to bring different perspectives to the table and thus drive projects efficiently. I'm passionate about building insight-driven creative marketing campaigns, strategic communication concepts, customer experiences, innovations and helping brands grow constantly. I am an open-minded, well-rounded, positive marketing and communication expert with high energy and hands-on mentality. I'm fast learning hence able to adopt and develop new competencies rapidly. I'm a creative type with excellent ability to motivate and inspire others.

Evan Waters

Director of Growth and Performance


Evan Waters is Director of Growth & Marketing at Naspers, one of the world’s largest global internet and entertainment group technology investors. Responsible for helping organizations such as Flipkart, OLX, Souq, Allegro, and Udemy ignite fast and efficient growth, Waters is a full-stack marketer that gets down in the weeds while maintaining a macro view.
Previously, he built the acquisition programs at Trulia and Tripping.com and helped companies like DoorDash, Fuze, HealthSherpa, and plotly improve their digital presence.

Verena Zuschnig

Search Account Manager


Verena has been part of the Bing Ads team as a Search Account Manager for a little over two years now – working with direct advertisers and agencies of various verticals on the German speaking markets. Beforehand, she gained some experience around policies in several markets and different tools in the Bing Ads editorial team after working as a Project Manager at an agency in London. She loves developing her customer relationships and continually helping them to enhance their search ads on the constantly growing Bing platform.

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